Aparna Singh - IBDP Physics Facilatator

The best part of the IBDP curriculum is that it challenges the teachers as well and I thoroughly enjoy engaging myself with the innovations demanded of me. The small size of the class allows for one to one interaction with the students ensuring that every idea is heard and given a platform. The working environment at DYPIC is excellent and the beautiful and spacious campus serves as a great place to live with your family. The swimming pool is my favourite spot; it truly refreshes me after a long and tiring day.




Boarding Schedule

Boarding House Schedule from Monday - Friday

1. Rising Bell 06:00am
2. Breakfast 07:00am-07:35am
3. Morning Check in & Announcements 07:35am-07:45am
4. Leave for School 07:45am
5. School gets over 03:30pm
6. Cell-phone collection time 04:00pm-04:15pm
7. Evening snacks 04:30pm - 04:45pm
8. Outdoor games/ free time (Out of the Boarding house optional
for Gr.10 & Gr.12)
04:45pm - 05:45pm
9. Showers 05:45pm-06:00pm
10. Evening Check in announcements & Supper 06:00pm - 06:15pm
11. Cell-phone submission time (Gr.4 - Gr.8) 06:15pm-06:30pm
12. Warning bell for preps 06:20pm
13. * Study Hall – Prep (Monday - Thursday) 06:30pm-08:00pm
14. Dinner 08:00pm - 08:45pm
15. Down Time for Juniors 08:45pm-09:00pm
16. Lights Out for Juniors 09:00pm
17. Free time for 9th - 12th Graders 09:00pm-09:15pm
18. Cell-phone/Laptop/i-pod submission time (Gr.9 - Gr.12) 09:00pm-09:15pm
19. Down Time for 9th - 12th Graders 09:15pm-09:30pm
20. Lights Out for 9th - 12th Graders 09:30pm

Boarding House Schedule for Weekend / Holidays

1. Rising Bell 08:00am
2. Breakfast 08:30am-09:30am
3. * Study Hall – Prep (for all students) 10:00am-12:00pm
4. Outdoor games/ Free time/ Weekend outing (as per
12:00 noon onwards
5. Lunch 01:00pm-02:00pm
6. Quiet time 02:00pm-04:30pm
7. Evening snacks 04:30pm-04:45pm
8. Outdoor games/ Free time (Out of Boarding) 04:45pm-06:30pm
9. Showers 06:30pm-07:00pm
10. Dinner 07:00pm-08:00pm
11. Free time for Seniors (Gr.9 - Gr.12) 08:00pm-09:30pm
12. Lights Out for Seniors (Gr.9 - Gr.12) 09:30pm