Krsna Daswani,

My first year there was exciting and it was easy to find a friend not just in other students but in teachers too. The institute has a small number of students and at first I thought it was better to have a larger student body but after my first year at the school I realized that we were just like a family and that is when I knew I was in a school like no other. We were more than just a concrete building with stalwart teachers and conventional students, we were a bevy of incredibly determined teachers and eager students who could come to school and know that we were in a place where people wanted us to be better and would not give up on anybody.




Message from Principal/ Head of College

From the Desk of Mr. Pourushasp F Karkaria, Principal, D Y Patil International College

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind” -Winston Churchill, Speech at Harvard, September 6, 1943

Belonging to a land, which has been the seat of many empires, we in India understand the enormous process of building an empire, of building a future. Needless to say, education forms an integral and indispensable pillar of this construction. We, at the D. Y. Patil International College, consciously adopt a teaching philosophy and a living culture that enables students to mould themselves into responsible and sensitive leaders of tomorrow.

Our education institute itself has been fortified with tenacious building blocks- a global exposure to ensure that they are in sync with the contemporary world, a local orientation to ascertain the culture and context of their own origin, an international pedagogy to give access to world class teaching and a holistic approach to integrate values and integrity of character along with skills and mettle.

The increasing popularity of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is reveals its potential to prove both evolutionary as well as relevant for students across countries and ethnic communities. Our endeavour at DYPIC is to create an inspired space for educating the youth of today and facilitate a curriculum that will act as a strong academic foundation for the leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Pourushasp F Karkaria